Thank you for visiting my site. I’m been a creative for most of my life ever since I could pick up a crayon and draw. I earned a bachelors degree from Loyola Marymount University in Studio Arts with an emphasis in graphic design and photography. I have years of work experience in a variety of fields where I have continued to progress and polish my graphic design and photography skills. What makes me unique is my creative experience combined with my attention to detail and ability to rise to any challenge. I am continuously learning and expanding my skill sets in all areas of design and photography. I enjoy working on new projects or even refreshing old ones.

I was born and raised here in Los Angeles with a strong Argentine Culture to further enhance my “creative sabor”. After College I started working in a print service bureau where I learned the ins and outs of the printing industry, color corrections, preflighting and understanding how to build quality files that output correctly. Shortly thereafter, I started to expand on my design and photography skills. I’ve worked for publishing companies like the infamous Petersen Publishing to SKLA Advertising, an agency specializing in the real estate market amongst others. Fashion boutiques and the adult industry is where I truly developed my photo retouching skills and photoshop wizardry. Having graduated with a bachelors degree in photography as well as graphic design, I have also worked as a freelance photographer shooting product shots as well as profile and portrait shots and the mixture of talents has made for a very well rounded creative person.



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• Photo Retouching

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SERVICES - Photography

• Headshots

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